Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Getting Richer by Saving

Living way out here is mighty difficult sometimes - the cost of gas alone, just to go and get some groceries, is ridiculously expensive.  We are weather dependent.  We are isolated (albeit, with some other very cool isolated people)  We are learning how to live without much money... and it has been rough.  The learning curve is staggering, though very rewarding.  Consider that i moved from the big city, where i always rode a bike, walked, or took subways and cabs, having never had a driver's license.  I'm ready to get on the tractor this year, maybe use the chainsaw next year... one step at a time.

Anyway, Chris gets me some odd gifts for birthdays and christmases (whatever's on sale at Canadian Tire i'm guessing) - like a dehydrator... what the heck am i supposed to do with that?

The dehydrator has been sitting on the shelf, unopened, except for my stints at reading the instructions and recipes, for months now.  Today, I went to my friend, Sue's, place to pick up some huge parsnips they had a bulk of.  I got home and pulled out the dehydrator.

I sliced the parsnips thinly, added olive oil, lemon, dill and salt/pepper - they are sitting in the dehydrator now - and i can't wait!  Another victory - Simple snacks that are basically free - Saving us money.  Every time i do something like this, i feel a lot richer.  These are the little things that make life here so wonderful - yeah, that's right, parsnip chips from a dehydrator, it's a Wonderful life!


  1. hey, i have the same dehydrator ! cool dehydrators for cool isolated people.. maybe i can be the 'hood herbalist ?

    1. That's right! We have to work on getting this "hood" out to the globals!

  2. Really good for a couple of days... then they got too soft for my liking.